www.IndianMiniaturePaintings.co.uk - Indian miniature painting: European gentleman carried in a palanquin by Shiva Lal (c. 1820-80). Patna, circa 1850. Watercolour on paper. 13.8 x 17.4cm


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Palanquin with dignitary carried by bearers, led by spear-wielding footmen. Attributed to Shiva Lal at Patna, circa 1850. Watercolour on watermarked paper. 13.8 x 17.4cm

Provenance: Christie's house sale of 25-26th Oct. 1993, the property of Sir Philip Shelburne, Myles Place, Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK, lot 670; W G Clarke, Picture Seller and Framer, 25 High Street, Guildford (UK).

Shiva Lal was a principal artist of the Patna kalam (school), and one of the most prolific having secured patronage from the local European gentry.

Inventory 000290


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