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Passenger in an eqqa* attributed to Shiva Lal (circa 1820-80). Patna, circa mid-19th century. Opaque watercolour on paper pasted onto later card. 15.7 x 21.2cm

On the back-board of the frame is a hand-written inscription in English: "Indian Ekka painted by Sheev Lal...(?)...Patna" and a printed label: "W G Clark, Picture Seller and Framer, English Gold Work a Speciality, 25 High Street, Guildford".

Shiva Lal was a principal artist of the Patna kalam (school), and one of the most prolific having secured patronage from the local European gentry.

* An eqqa is a single-passenger horse-drawn gig with awning

Inventory LC000080


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