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Vallhaba sect devotional images of Shri Nathji/Krishna. Nathdwara, circa mid-19th century. Gouache and silver on wasli. 26.5 x 35.6cm

Ref: Nathdwara11610

Upper frames, left to right: 1. Vallabhacharya's vision of the Divine Infants. 2. Krishna holds Mount Govardhana. 3. Vallabhacharia finds Shri Nathji on Mount Govardhana. 4. Birth of Vallhabacharya

Middle: 1. Home for Shri Nathji in Nathdwara. 2.Balakrishna & Balarama at Yashoda's butterpot 3. Shri Nathji shrine installed at Nathdwara. 4. Vitthalnathji and Vallabhacharya

Lower: 1. Krishna receives lotus from the goddess Jamuna in his pleasureboat. 2. Balakrishna suckles Yashoda. 3. Krishna steals the gopis' clothes. 4. Krishna and Radha in a bower.

Thanks to Marc-Etienne Karlen for information.


All images and text © Peter Blohm