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Portrait of a horse from the royal stables of Rana Ari Singh II (r.1761-71): Raja Pasav. Mewar, dated 1763. Gouache and gold on wasli. 24.2 x 27.4cm

The painting's inscription names the Rani's horse although that of the rider is of no importance so is absent. This seems to have been painted shortly after the horse's acquisition since an invoice 12/671 is referred to, along with the full date VS 1820 Margasirsa sud 14, the 14th day of the month (equivalent to Nov-Dec), 1763AD. The record also states the horse came from Jaipur, possibly from Rathor Mokham Singh.

Ref: Mewar horse81010

I would like to express my thanks to A. Topsfield for information above.

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