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Folio from a dispersed ragamala series: Malkos Raga. Malwa*, circa 1640-60. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli. 27 x 18.6cm

The text to the reverse consists of two dohas which contain typically poetic terms like piya (beloved), gauri/gori (the fair one), sahchari (female companion) and suwa (parrot).

Other folios from this series or one remarkably similar can be viewed on the website of Harvard Art Museum from whose collection they belong.

*According to research by the well known collector of Indian miniatures, author and academic Dr Konrad Seitz, it is a grave error to attribute to this painting and others of closely related styles the regional kalam of Malwa. In his 2015 publication of 2 volumes, ORCHHA, DATIA, PANNA: ''Malwa''- Miniaturen von den Rajputischen Höfen Bundelkhands 1580-1850 Seitz argues against the very existence of a Malwa kalam being sure no miniatures were produced there during its time as a Mughal province, being instead products of Rajput courts in Bundelkhand.

With thanks to the kindness of Tarun Pant for his summary of the text.

Inventory LC000255


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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

Images and text © Peter Blohm