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Tray featuring Hindu mythological syncretic with Indo-Persian scenes. Kashmir, 19th century. Lacquered opaque pigment with gold on papier mache. 33.3 x 24cm

Painted in the manner of Indian miniatures with Hindu iconography including Anantashayana Vishnu ( Vishnu reclining on Sheshanaga) with Lakshmi massaging his feet, Shiva as ascetic seated on tiger skin as the Ganges falls from the heavens to be deflected by his head, devas (Hindu gods), asuras (demons); also with Islamic or Indo-Persian elements: peris (Islamic angels), possibly djinns (demons); the profusion of figures augmented by various humans and animals, reptiles and fish.

Inventory 000679


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Above: view of tray lip's repeating pattern of fishes, snakes and animals and also overall gilt detail reflecting light

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