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Illustration from a Ramayana: the Sage Vishvamitra requests aid from King Dasaratha to rid him of Ravana's demons. Kangra, circa 1820-40. Gouache and tooled gold on wasli. 13 x 18.4cm

In this Ramayana illustration we see King Dasarataha of Ayodha and sons Rama and Lakshmana kneeling with hands in anjali mudra in deference to the ascetic rishi (sage) Vishvamitra. The rishi's ritual practices being wilfully disturbed by demons, he beseeches Dasarataha to rid him of the demons. The raja sends the young Rama to do this who is accompanied by Lakshmana.

Ref: Kangra Ramayana Dasaratha Visvamitra

All images and text © Peter Blohm