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Scenes from the Ayodhya Kand of the Ramayana. Jaipur, circa late 18th century. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli. 28.2 x 40.3cm

The text, kindly translated by Tarun Pant (to whom I would like to express my gratitude) informs that in the upper register, in the forest a boar was hunted and then cooked. This food was offered to the gods, following which they had their meal. In the lower registers, that afterwards they spent the night sleeping under a tree. At the break of the dawn, they visited the ashram of the rishi Bhardwaaja where they met a member and said to him,"go to bhardwaaja and let him know that the sons of Dashratha, Ramachandra and Lakshmana, accompanied by Sita, have arrived".


All images and text © Peter Blohm