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From a dispersed portrait series of Jaipur rulers and allies: Maharaja Bhim Singh of Jodhpur (r. 1794-1804). Jaipur, circa 1830-40. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli, an identifying inscription written in Hindi above (tr. 'Maharaja Dhiraj Bhim Singh of Jodhpur') and probably later hand-written in English to the reverse. 29.7 x 19.9cm

Relations between the two courts were known to have been cordial during the reign of Jodhpur's Bhim Singh e.g. with his sister being married to Jaipur's Mahraraja Pratap Singh in 1801, also through contemporary paintings commemorating meetings between them such as in Rosemary Crill's Marwar painting: A History of the Jodhpur Style, 1999, fig. 87.

With thanks to Manish Patel for translating the inscription

Inventory 000960

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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

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