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Durga enthroned on a palace terrace before Hanuman, Bhairava and her tiger vahana*. Jaipur, circa 1880. Gouache and tooled gold on wasli. 25.1 x 21.2cm

I am indebted to Tarun Pant who kindly identified the figure of Bhairava: " The manifestation of Bhairava in the...painting is 'Gaura Bhairava' or 'White Bhaiarava' as opposed to 'Kala Bhairava'( Black or Dark Bhairava). More often than not, Bhairava is depicted as fanning Durga with either a fly-whisk or a fan made of peacock feathers."

*mount or vehicle

Ref: Jaipur31110

All images and text © Peter Blohm