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Folio from a Kalakacharaya folio. Jain, from a book on the story of Kalaka. Western India, circa 1450. Gouache and gold on paper. 25 by 10.5cm

The Kalakacarya is, with the Kalpasutra, a principal text of the Svetambara Jains. Often it appears with the Kalpasutra, at the end. It is the story of the monk Kalaka. In the folio picture's lower register we see Kalaka exercising his horse and in the upper register he is listening to Gunakara preach.

I would like to express my thanks to the kindness of Robert Del Bonta for identifying folio and subject.

Kalaka exercising his horse (lower) and listening to Gunakara preach (upper).

All images and text © Peter Blohm