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Folio from a Dastan-e Amir Hamza manuscript: in a rocky landscape with river beyond a dragon swallows a man (Nur Aldahar?). North india, Indo-Persian kalam, circa early 19th century. Opaque watercolour with gold on warqa. Folio 34 x 23.7cm; image 22.5 x 15.6cm

San Diego Museum of Art has a picture in the Binney Collection from a cropped folio possibly from another 18th century Amir Hamsa manuscript showing a similar dragon either swallowing or regurgitating a woman. From the text to the reverse of the folio here (see image below) we are informed this episode features Amir Hamza sahib-e qiran (lord of the auspicious conjunction), his son Badiuzaman ( Badi'a ul Zaman)  and the brave grandson (or nephew) Nur Aldahar (the light of the age), whose name appears rather frequently throughout the text.

Thanks to the kindness of Tarun Pant for identifying and translating the text

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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

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