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Posthumous portrait, probably from a dispersed series depicting Mughal emperors: Aurangzeb stands in a landscape, stroking a hawk on sitting on his gloved hand. Circa late 18th - early 19th century . Opaque watercolour with tooled silver and gold on wasli. 24.3 x 17.2cm

To the reverse an old hand written inscription in French, possibly contemporaneous, probably by guesswork identifying the subject simply as a minister of government. Although not keeping with his profile in most 17th century portraits it otherwise bears other strong similarities to that possibly painted by the Mughal artist Bichtir, circa 1658: Aurangzeb holds court; Shaistah Khan stands behind Prince Muhammad Azam published in Imperial Mughal Painting, S C Welch, 1978, p.112-113.

Inventory 001003


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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

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