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Folio from a Shripala* manuscript: Devi puja. Gujarat, circa 1700. Opaque watercolour on warqa. 11.7 x 27.3cm

*A Jain legend in verse about Shripala, king of Malwa. The text refers to Devi puja - ritual prayer to the Goddess, 'risabhdev ni kinkari' (the handmaiden of Jina Rsabhanath), then devi as 'Chakkesri' (Chakreshwari - literally 'the goddess with the discus'). There is also reference to Manmohanprabhu ( Manmohan Prabhu, a common name for Krishna).

I would like to express my gratitude to Tarun Pant for kindly identifying the folio as Jain and translating text; to Robert Del Bonta for kindly identifying the manuscript.

Ref: Gujarat Sripala 449-71011b

Price: £300

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