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Folio from a Nala Damayanti series: King Nala and Damayanti seen in continuous narrative - top right Damayanti returns in a palanquin to king Bhima's palace, bottom-right Nala rides in a carriage to the palace renter the palace, bottom-middle Nala and Damayanti enter the palace, left Nala and Damayanti together in a palace chamber talk throughout the night, attended by servants. Bilaspur, circa 1760-70. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli. Folio 18.9 x 28cm; image 16.4 x 26.3cm

The inscription to the reverse is: shubhag bicchaunan me diyo vaasaa - 'Upon the excellent/auspicious bed they rested'.

With thanks to the kindness of Tarun Pant

Provenance: private Canadian collector, acquired in 1950s-60s

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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

Images and text © Peter Blohm