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From a dispersed historical portrait series of Mughal rulers and allies: Emperor Bahadur Shah I (r.1707-12). Awadh, circa late 18th century. Opaque watercolour with gold on wasli, an identifying inscription written (probably later) in English to the reverse. 25.9 x 16.6cm

Prince Mu'azzam, the second son of the emperor Aurangzeb (Alamgir: "world-seizer or universe-seizer") was the prospective heir after his elder brother defected to join their father's brother and rival, Shah Shuja. When his father died, Prince Mu'azzam killed his two brothers to become emperor.

The backing paper to the frame also has an identification written in English, also the Boston USA framer's paper label from 23rd April 1963, see image below.


Personal collection of Raja Chait Singh (1770 - 1781).

Property of British East india Company, 1781-96

Collection Sir John Murray, acq. 1796

Inventory LC000177


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Above: gilt detail reflecting light

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