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Posthumous portrait of Raja Kaniram. Jodhpur thikana of Asop, circa 1820 - 40. Opaque watercolour with silver on wasli. 30.5cm by 23.5cm

The inscription translates Raaji Shri Kaniramji Kumpawat Gaanv Aasop. He is mentioned in Tod's 'Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan', Vol. II, p. 861 where he is described as the chief of the second most powerful clan the Kumpawats, though was mocked by Maharaja Ram Singh (r. 1749-51, 1753-72) for looking like a monkey to which he would respond 'When the monkey begins to dance, you will have some mirth.'

With thanks to Tarun Pant for kindly translating the text and referring to Tod's Annals.

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Images and text © Peter Blohm